The Landscape of Nursing, an installation by watercolor artist Candace Anderson, with lettering by Anna Pinto of interviews with nurses at
​Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield,Massachusetts.  Below are details of the 2'x10' panel painting, which is mounted in a corridor in the Center.

Photos © John Roland Elliott 

Calligraphy of title, Crown Publishing Group, 2012

 Headline & text lettering for photos of architectural lettering in Nice: Anna Pinto. Letter Arts Review, 24:4, 2010. Designer/editor: Christopher Calderhead


Below, details of another installation, Be Like a Garden Watered, by watercolor artist Candace Anderson, with lettering by Anna Pinto
of texts on the theme of finding joy amid uncertainty. It was created for The Virginia Thurston Healing Garden,
​in Harvard, Massachusetts, which offers support services to women experiencing breast cancer.
Detail of Gargamel's map, prop for film: The Smurfs (2011). Map illustration: Gregory Hill. Map graphics & production:Joan Winters. 
​Calligraphy, hand-coloring, aging: Anna Pinto. 

Headline Lettering: Anna Pinto
 Alphabet, the Journal of the San Francisco Friends of Calligraphy, Spring, 2005.
Designer/editor: Christopher Calderhead

     Calligraphy on book jacket, Crown Publishing Group, 2012

​calligraphy & drawings

Temporary tattoo: Anna Pinto. Letters from New York 4,
the Journal of the New York Society of Scribes, 2008.

           Designer/editor: Christopher Calderhead​

A spread from The Encantus book of spells, a prop for the film: The Sorcerer's Apprentice, (2010) Calligraphy and illumination on right hand page: Anna Pinto.

WCW's Accordion, limited edition, 2006, Hand lettered titles by Anna Pinto, letterpress printing by Barbara Henry, book design by Barbara Mauriello.
​Pochoir illustrations and assembly by all three.


Copy lettering for print ad: Anna Pinto; photo © Craig Watters